Camino de Santiago

Wearing our dripping ponchos we collapsed beneath a bridge, exhausted . It was the first place we could safely stop to take a break. Hungry, we sat on the side of the road under a highway and ate. With no utensils, we used our teeth: one bite of bread, one bite of a whole tomato. Our laughter echoed throughout... Continue Reading →

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La Breeze, Trinidad

The Lesson:  Have you learned to dance the lingo, yet? Move the body to enter the mind; expand the mind to explore the body. An activity like hiking enables us to challenge ourselves while learning about ourselves. We begin to learn how to adapt and embrace the twists, trips, and missteps of the trail - of... Continue Reading →

100 Steps, La Fillet, Trinidad

Lovely shots from a visit at the 100 steps, located in La Fillet, Trinidad and Tobago. The steps are old, some broken, decorated with moss, and totally worth the mini climb down. All photos are taken by myself.    Please be mindful and leave nature as nature. Goddess Bless.

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