Camino de Santiago

Wearing our dripping ponchos we collapsed beneath a bridge, exhausted . It was the first place we could safely stop to take a break. Hungry, we sat on the side of the road under a highway and ate. With no utensils, we used our teeth: one bite of bread, one bite of a whole tomato. Our laughter echoed throughout... Continue Reading →

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El Tucuche

Location: El Tucuche, Trinidad Trail: Road/Dirt Rating: Challenging Usually, once per year hiking groups tackle the El Tucuche trail. It is Trinidad's second tallest mountain, climbing up to 938m with El Cerro del Aripo slightly taller at 940m. Now, some of us who have climbed to higher altitudes may chuckle at the elevation but remember,... Continue Reading →

Ausangate Trek, Peru

After Machu Picchu, the main event of Peru for me was the Ausangate  Trek. I had learned of this hike a few months before and I was SUPER excited to venture off. I took a few days rest in Cusco between my adventures.  The Ausangate hike can last a couple days by camping in the Peruvian... Continue Reading →

Machu Picchu, Peru

Cusco, Peru I grew up learning about the history and many theories about Machu Picchu. When the opportunity came around to take a trip over there, I jumped to the occasion. For months I looked for tours that offered trips for solo travellers but most of the people who visit Peru are with some kind... Continue Reading →

Paragrant Beach, Paramin

Location: Paramin, Trinidad Trail: Muddy/Sandy/Paved Road Duration: 2-4hrs The Paragrant Hike is AH HIKE! Different hiking groups do this trek from different directions. For me, the more challenging way starts at Mal d'esto Road then down into a shady forest trail.  From here, the steep trek/run down is about 30-45 mins. The wobbly leg syndrome... Continue Reading →

The Plane Crash Site, Chaguaramas

Location: Chaguaramas, Trinidad Trail: Paved road before getting to the trail then a steep rope climb.  Duration: 45mins one way How well do you know the places you visit? I had been to the Bamboo Cathedrals many times before and had seen many smaller trails but didn't know where they led to. Speaking to people,... Continue Reading →

La Forêt Beach

Location: Toco, Trinidad Trail: Mud/Dirt Road - Accessible by walking   It's amazing what we have in our own land yet do not discover.  I had been to Toco and the Toco lighthouse many, many times yet did not know this place existed! I saw local hiking groups promote La Forêt Beach but did not... Continue Reading →

St. Lucia

Ahhhh, St. Lucia In July 2016, we decided to visit St. Lucia on an adventure trip. Three of us set out to explore a new island, create new memories, and to climb Gros Piton!  Pigeon Island National Park From the minute we landed, we followed the advice of some of our local friends and set... Continue Reading →

Walking to Self Actualization

Have you ever stepped back and look at how energy affects the people around you? How you affect others?  This is the story about watching an energy exchange and egotistical tendencies come alive while hiking. Trail: Blanchisseuse to Matelot, Trinidad Terrain: Mud/Sand Km: 30-40  Trail Markers: Not many markers on the beach and into the forest. Not a... Continue Reading →

La Breeze, Trinidad

The Lesson:  Have you learned to dance the lingo, yet? Move the body to enter the mind; expand the mind to explore the body. An activity like hiking enables us to challenge ourselves while learning about ourselves. We begin to learn how to adapt and embrace the twists, trips, and missteps of the trail - of... Continue Reading →

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